Didier Drogba Becomes’s Digital Coin Ambassador

Drogba, one of the world’s most distinguished professional football players, has just become the ambassador for a digital platform named Apart from being a football player, Drogba is involved in a wide array of humanitarian efforts, previously aiding his government during the 2011 Ivory Coast civil war.

Didier’s founder, Artak Tovmasyan explained the new association with Drogba and spoke about the new initiative. According to his statements, the platform is the first of its kind to bring together a social framework with a digital bank and trading platform. Unlike other exchanges, intends on equally distributing all its profit from advertising with its platform users.

Didier expressed his full support of the project while commenting on it and wearing a t-shirt with written on it. will reward its participants depending on their level of activity, reputation, and their content as well. An account on the platform for advertising can be created by any user profile and display their advertising content to any fans and followers.

Rewards will be determined and distributed in the form of the platforms native token and will base itself on the cost of advertisements funded by clients for each individual viewing. According to the company, its coin can be used for a numerous number of special features such as customizing a user’s account, sending gifts and even renewing subscriptions. The native coin can also be traded or sold for BTC. 

As per the website, the company states that more than $30M in gains were achieved through four token Presales and its initial coin offering was moved to the fourth quarter of this year after the company raised more through its Presales than expected.

The future of football

Many of the most distinguished professional athletes in football has been turning towards digital coins and blockchain technology. Lionel Messi, arguably the most famous football player today, has been exploring decentralized platforms and blockchain technology for some time.

Ronaldinho, Brazil’s football icon, has announced further advancements to his own coin, the RSC and intends on adding almost three hundred digital stadiums through artificial intelligence, VR, and blockchain tech as well as starting a football gambling framework.

James Rodriguez unveiled the JR10, his own custom cryptocurrency earlier this year. The initial reason, according to him, behind the launch of JR10 was to build a robust bridge between him and his fans and its initial Presale reportedly sold out in just over ten seconds.

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