The DFA Joins to Trial Latest Blockchain Project

Blockchain technology solutions have become a widespread initiative across various sectors, particularly that of the food industry within the United States. With great promise for blockchain tech applied to supply chains, the Dairy Farmers of America is now participating in a trial to boost visibility through supply operations.

The Dairy Industry Turns to Blockchain To Meet Consumer Pressures

The national dairy cooperative released a statement 25th September announcing a collaboration with to begin testing the technology. The blockchain based startup with a technologic focus on food production plans to utilize the emerging technology and IoT to improve clarity across all operations of the supply chain.

The blockchain project is targeted at giving US residents the ability to confidently assess where their food products are derived. In order to do so, the partners will collect and analyze data received from farms and manufacturers associated with the DFA membership.

DFA’s VP, David Darr, stated during an official announcement of the project that he plans to advance farmers in association with the DFA by merging traditional agriculture with the future of blockchain. As for the trial, the cooperative’s VP explained that exploring the benefits of blockchain along the supply chain is the first step to do so. He also noted that offers customers real-time information about their food products which will improve trust as well as purchasing confidence in the industry at large.

With increasing pressure from agriculture-focused organizations and the general consumer population, industry members believe the nature of blockchain technology will help raise the bar for consumer satisfaction. With this in mind, many other food related blockchain tests have emerged this year such as the trial overseen by the United Kingdom’s regulatory agency, the FSA in order to understand the benefits of blockchain in the slaughterhouse industry. In addition, the FSA has participated in expanding the technology since last year establishing a collaboration called the Food and DLT group.

Food Industry Giants Worldwide Take Part In Blockchain Research

Other retail giants such as Walmart and Carrefour have also taken initiative to boost product traceability. Walmart has established a blockchain based network in which all associated suppliers pertaining to leafy produce are required to join. These efforts are in response to a recent outbreak originating with romaine lettuce that could have been controlled with ease and speed had blockchain technology been established.

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