Deviant Coin Releases Whitepaper, DEX, and New Wallet

Deviant coin, a digital coin centered around privacy and security and dedicated to granting its users safe and anonymous facilitated transactions has just launched its new hybrid exchange platform, its official whitepaper and a state of the art hardware wallet. Additionally, its development team has made the cryptocurrency a Point of sale and Master-node.

The Platform

The coin’s new hybrid decentralized platform, DEVX, will back several cryptocurrencies and provide users that possess Deviant coin with a chance to earn a steady and passive income. Hybrid cryptocurrency exchanges take all the benefits from both a centralized and a centralized exchange and provide them to users as an exceptional platform with incredible features.

These hybrid platforms also support blockchain price exchanges although all activities unrelated to settlements are conducted off the blockchain which in return provides highly accelerated, cheaper and more secure activities.

The coin’s team is preparing themselves to launch their new wallet, a hardware cryptocurrency wallet with triple-layered verification, bringing its security status to the top of the chart and providing asset security unlike any other. The coin itself is available on many different operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and others as well as presenting its source code on Github. Additionally, the new wallet will also operate on an open source code and will see its release during the third quarter of 2018.

Deviant Coin is a fully decentralized network housing several Masternodes without any unrelated parties or mediums. It operates on a 90%  Point of sale reward system and provides incredibly rapid payment transactions, safer ones, coded messages, unidentified addresses to ensure full anonymity is maintained, very cost-efficient charges and a whole list of fantastic features offered to each user.

2 years ago

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