Developers Open System For Crypto Savings

According to the firm, the safety of personal data is the priority. Developers insist that no personal data will be shared with third parties. 


Open Savings Initiative Launched

Bitcoin and bitcoin cash holders will now have access to a savings account. This is after a team of developers revealed on Wednesday that they had rolled out the ‘Open Savings Initiative’ program. The platform will act as a time lock network for the two cryptos.

On their official website, the developers state that the system is like a certificate for depositing the cryptos. Individuals can add more coins without requiring a bank.

According to the firm,  the platform operates by using the opcode to set up a P2SH. This is a code that permits transactions to be remitted to an addressing whose initial number is 3. This will be contrary to the normal public key that normally starts with 1. The key was deployed as a means of ensuring we have safety and security of the tokens in the OSI.

The systems also come with an offline platform. This version has the ability to come up with addresses even without internet access. With the cold wallet, there will be security for all assets in the system. The developers opine that the application was meant to ensure that wallets anchored on bitcoin and bitcoin core are able to work with the feature.

Users have been notified that their personal information will not be stored once registered. To achieve this, users will be required to deploy their private keys before spending their saving under the account.  On matters of private key sharing, the developers have come up with a feature that will see a new key generated once in the event that a user serves as the recipient of the saved cryptos.

Developers Borrow Leaf From Coinbase System

In coming up with the system, the developers borrowed a leaf from Coinbase, a leading crypto exchange platform.  They deployed the Vault feature. The feature bars a user from transferring funds in a given period of time. The developers added that already OSI has an integrated privacy feature. The feature will enable users to conduct transactions without depending on third parties.

Additionally, the has scaled its push for safety by incorporating the lack of an accountable custodian.

2 years ago

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