Developer To Unveil Excel Bitcoin Payment Plugin

A renowned crypto figure is alleged to have developed a plugin for Excel that will enable faster bitcoin payments on the Lightning Network.


Advanced Excel Users To Get Bitcoin Transaction Plugin

A prominent developer has claimed that he has come up with a plugin meant for Microsoft Excel that assists users in initiating bitcoin payment directly. Pierre Richard is a developer and an independent advisor to institutional investors on matters regarding bitcoin. According to Richard, the plugin will use the Lightning Network to initiate quick payments in bitcoin.

The plugin has been dubbed Neutrino. Users who install the plugin will be able to make bitcoin payments on excel. It allegedly links the LN to initiate Bitcoin Payment directly from spreadsheets. Richard made the revelations through his Twitter account. He stated that the plugin will be enabled for windows users.

The speed of bitcoin transactions is effected by the Lightning Network. It is the second level transaction solution that enables faster payments. For this feature to be enabled, excel users will not be required to run a full node. A project dubbed Lightning Network Daemon has launched the systems beta version 0.5.

Regular excel users might be locked out since the LN system might be unfriendly. According to boss Andreas Brekken, the system might encounter hitches. After using the system, Andreas stated that the solution cannot be practical for advanced users. He referenced the system’s codebase stating that it was full of bugs and it was susceptible to transaction failure.

In other words, Richard’s plugin might be heavily depending on a system already full of flaws. However, this notion may not be true since it is in the beta phase. Once mature, it will be able to tackle the scalability challenges that are a thorn in the side of the bitcoin system.

In his tweet, Richard admitted that at the moment, his project might not be perfect. He said that it is still undergoing a development process.

Mr. Richard further told his followers that the plugin might not be friendly for everyone. He said that it was developed to be used by experienced excel users. He urged novice users not to deploy the plugin. Richard added that it can be useful to entities within the financial industry as they use excel at an advanced level. The public is set to get a glimpse of the plugin by Wednesday.

2 years ago

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