DeNet Permits Infinite Payments With RandPay System

DeNet is a cloud service built on blockchain-based that provides housing for sensitive and private information and has just released Emercoin’s RandPay system. Emercoin stated that the new micropayment system will enable infinite payments on a decentralized system and is currently the first ever kind of system in blockchain. 

Unlimited Power

Prior to the new system, only 7 transactions a second could be processed in BTC’s blockchain and 16 transactions per second on Ethereum. Payment confirmation could take anywhere from a few minutes to hours on end and instantaneous payments were considered unachievable. 

RandPay’s new tech enables incredibly faster, cost-efficient and protected payment transactions and confirmation. DeNet siphons off unused capacity on computers globally to accelerate any process and reimbursing owners they borrow processing power from. Oleg Khovayko, the chief technical officer of Emercoin stated that Randpay will ensure incredible transaction speed, lift the limit on the number of transactions and provide much more cost-friendly fees. In addition, the technology in itself is simple to merge with systems and highly protected.

DeNet chief technical officer, Denis Shelestov stated that introducing RandPay to its services will allow individual unit payment. The executive added that Emercoin will provide the necessary tech while DeNet has the required services to introduce the new tech. Emercoin developed its blockchain system based on the original BTC framework as an upgraded version providing additional features and adaptability. Emercoin will also provide protect blockchain services for businesses and implement security measures that allow users to authentication and verification without passwords. 

The Coin

Emercoin also has its own native token, the EMC, a public p2p digital currency derived in 2014 from Peercoin and utilizes PoS and PoW mining procedures. DeNet was created last year and is actively developing various alternative solutions to cloud services that are centralized. DeNet also provides extreme anonymity for users and state of the art security for sensitive and private data.

Additionally, the company creates its own cloud services to heavily secure and store classified information. 

2 years ago

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