David Hannigan Becomes’s New Chief Dealer

A new announcement on Wednesday by, one of the world’s biggest digital trade exchanges as well as the creative force behind the largest liquidity pool in crypto, has stated that David Hannigan will be the company’s newest Chief Dealer.


With almost three decades of experience in trading and risk assessment and a former vice president at National Australia Bank, Hannigan is eager to begin his new position at 

The new CD will direct the company’s risk management sector and take charge of it’s over the counter desk to grant retail institutes, as well as institutional ones, fiat-crypto exchange services. also created and operates the largest liquidity pool in the industry and half of all over the counter profits gained through the company will be poured into it. Only users of the exchange’s native token, called the TIO, can access this pool.

The current Chief Executive Officer of, Jim Preissler, stated that the company was incredibly fortunate to have Hannigan and his expertise and 30-years experience in the field. He also referred to the excitement of seeing David manage risk at the company, lead its team and take the first step with it's over the counter desk.

Given his impressive history in the T&R management industry, his experience will prove to be essential due to the sheer volume of deals and funds within the cryptosphere. The new CD also stated that he was very familiar with’s operational methods as they generally fall under the same categories and functions as many of the prior bank he was employed at. He firmly believes in the value of his new OTC management and will include daily talks regarding cryptomarkets as a central topic is a financial blockchain platform excelling in user protection and transaction transparency. Providing several decades of expertise in many industries, including trading, financial technology and investment banking and integrating each with every benefit of the blockchain to create a one of a kind cryptocurrency exchange.

2 years ago

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