DAV Foundation Announces New “Killer” Applications For Cars

As a transportation project based on blockchain, the DAV Foundation has just revealed new plans to provide the necessary support for new cutting-edge applications for automobiles as part of the soon to emerge Fifth Generation Technology.


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As the company has stated, it guarantees a new decentralized network for ride-systems like Uber for every single individual with a private car to become a taxi-like service. By removing a medium like Lyft from the equation, the new tech will allow private drivers to earn much more profit from the services. As a decentralized blockchain, any application by programmers or new projects maybe launches from the new service.

Another possible application for blockchain-tech would be to support vehicle sharing, a service where verified and registered users can lend their cars to equally trusted individuals at a time of no use. DAV’s editor, Rachel Linnewiel, compares the new system to that of Toyota, dubbed the Gig service where users can unlock hatchbacks from any Prius owner and use them.

The editor adds that even with the current Gig service, thousands of private cars remain parked on streets for days at a time. She states that blockchain-tech will permit an application that grants registered users the ability to borrow a wide variety of cars from owners, including eco-friendly cars, pickup trucks and even minivans for family or groups.

Described as a new “killer” application, the DAV maybe designed and developing a new app that locates the nearest empty parking spot. Through P2P, parking space owners will be transferred accordingly and confirmation vacancy will be made through the blockchain. Apart from a community service, governments will be able to cut down on several costs and more in relation to parking.

The DAV coin will the main form of payment on the application. Linneweil says that even though not all applications succeed, she believes in the inevitable emergence of one car app that will absolutely dominate. Established last year, the project takes place in Switzerland, operating and developing in the country’s crypto-block hub, Zug. Launched earlier this year, it currently hosts services regarding deliveries by drones and automated boats.

2 years ago

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