Dash Partners with Tradecore for More Expansion

Tradecore, has recently announced its latest collaboration with the software company, Tradecore that allows millions of USD payment through brokers to be processed continuously and provide full support to many markets and services around. As part of the new joint effort, several service providers and companies within financial markets and be able to operate with Dash and many other top leading cryptocurrencies including BTC with the ability to transfer back and forth.



Tradecore is a company that provides plenty of brokerage and financial providers with the necessary equipment and tools to continuously advance and extends their services to ID verification systems, personal and hands-on customer support, analysis and automated services for the market.

As demand continues increasing, cryptocurrencies need to be listed and supported by brokerages including traditional assets. Chief executive officer of Dahs, Ryan Taylor, stated that the merge between Dash and Tradecore will open doors to only brokers and greatly expands its service. He specifies mainly Europe as well as other venues housing brokerages that are crucial to Dash adoption and acceptance. 

Both companies have also partnered with BlockCypher, a company dedicated to providing blockchain-related solutions and products. Its design enables much more user-friendly approaches for businesses and individuals and introduces them to many digital currencies under one roof. Stefan Pajkovic, the chief executive officer of Tradecore said that BlockCypher was selected due to their intentional services. He also mentions his partnership with Dash as among the initially supported cryptocurrencies given its speed and cost-efficiency that stands over every other blockchain.

CRO at BlockCypher, Karen Hsu, also stated that the company is aiming to assist Tradecore and its expansion and including cryptocurrencies within brokerages around.

2 years ago

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