Dash Has Claimed to be Venezuela’s Most Adopted Cryptocurrency

In a recent statement, Dash has made claims of being the leading cryptocurrency within the nation, climbing over every other digital coin involved despite Cryptovest’s yet to be confirmation of the claims via email with Alejandro Echeverria, the company representative.



Currently, more than 500 distributors within the country offer DASH tokens as payment methods for several services and products, including Subway, Remax, and other venues and have uploaded an entire list of its listings on the main website.

As the 14th leading digital currency in terms of market cap, Dash has achieved its wide reach through intricate and broad marketing, utilizing all sorts of advertisements to promote its currency, including business deals and several meetings as Alejandro, has stated. 

The company director said that it's vast networking throughout Venezuela is displaying true transactions and around 10000 individuals are part of the network and use Dash coins for more than just investing. The coin enables services and products to be purchased and as the company has said, it is the only one within the country to provide these services.

According to the company director, Venezuela has provided several benefits as a key profitable location for Dash given its failed POS network and drop in bolivar value. He added during an interview that the country was in dire need of a stable and solid currency given the hyperinflation within the economy, providing another chance of further growth.

Additionally, Petro, another national digital currency was publicized in 2018 as a possible solution to the country’s poorly functioning economy.

2 years ago

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