Dapper Labs Raises $75,000 Daily from Cryptokitties User

However, users on the Cryptokitties platforms remain low but the game’s contributions to the crypto sector are key.


Dapper Labs Seeks To Attract the Right Partners

Cryptokitties creator, Dapper Labs, has alleged that it raised about $15 million from several venture capital companies operated by giants like Google. The company believes that the product is the most successful customer product based on blockchain. Dapper Labs is seeking to expand its operations using the latest funding. Under the firm’s expansion plan the hope is to open a branch in the US with management personnel drawn from Unity and Disney. Additionally, it is seeking to hire former staff from EA Sports and Amazon, among others.

Cryptokitties deploys cryptographic features as true ownership. Basically, it is a collectible cat breeding game developed on the blockchain. Dapper Labs opines that the game combined with other uses of blockchain will play a crucial role in the mass integration of the technology.

A press statement from Dapper Labs states that the firm is dedicated to using games to help spread the benefits of blockchain to the global economy. It added that the latest round of funding was meant to attract the relevant partners to help in spearheading the deployment of the blockchain. Additionally, their partners would play a critical role in pushing for the establishment of the right structures that propagate blockchain to mainstream consumers.

The developer added that Cryptokitties was now the most used blockchain product apart from cryptocurrency exchanges. The game which hit the market last year stands out because it does not deploy the ICO protocol when it comes to raising funds. The developers focused on unveiling a product that does not rely on cryptocurrencies alone. The game was solely meant for the entertainment world, something that would bring users into the world of blockchain technology.

Despite positive feedback, the game’s user base is wanting. DappRadar shows that the game has only managed to register about 370 active gamers in the last 24 hours. The data indicates that the developer managed to raise about $75,000 from each user during the two fund rounds. The initial round was operated by Dapper Labs parent company Axiom Zen. Among blockchain games, Ethermon seems to be performing better compared to Cryptokitties.

Despite unimpressive users, Dapper Labs has managed to come up with sufficient funds to boost its expansion plan. It seeks to contribute towards the crypto sector through unveiling user-friendly products and eliminating a number of barriers. All these contributions will at some point count.

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