Cyber Hackers Demand BTC Ransom From CheapAir Travel Agency

A website offering the cheapest flight fares as well as payment in cryptocurrency, CheapAir, has experienced a Bitcoin related cyber attack that demanded up to $10K USD worth of Bitcoin from the travel agency. If CheapAir did not comply, the hackers threatened to launch a campaign slandering the online agency and destroy its reputation. Among the first sites to accept digital currency for travel related bookings, approving these payments as far back as 2013 being a supporter of the crypto movement since it began.  


CheapAir’s Plan to Fight Back

According to reports by Coindoo, the agency has not been able to pay out the ransom amount and as a result has been under several attacks. The team announced that hackers responsible for the ransom demand threatened to tamper with the company’s social media accounts, destroyed its reputation on rating sites including Trustpilot and even undo SEO efforts through various methods such as spamming backlinks with profanity. The official statement was given in attempt to notify users and followers about the hack, and provide the bigger picture behind any negative activity associated with the site. Rather than paying out the ransom to hackers who have already instigated attacks on the company’s reputation and brand, CheapAIr insists on pushing for a better solution to control the damage that has been done thus far. The team also wants to make sure their customer base is not irreversibly impacted by the cyber hack.   

The Main Question

As a crypto enthusiast from day one, and supporter of mainstream adoption and progression of digital currency, CheapAir has unfortunately been in turn attacked by the very movement it helped grow. Many ask the question as whether stepping into the crypto sphere is to blame for this damaging event, leading to a general air of panic and criticism from other business in the travel industry. It is important to always stay ahead of the game, leaving no gaps for hackers to  take advantage of. Supporting the crypto movement is one thing, however making sure you remain in control of that support is an entirely different issue requiring advance planning and technological understanding of the risks and benefits of dealing with digital currency. Where there is cryptocurrency, cyber hackers will follow, regardless of what positive efforts a company aims to achieve for the greater crypto community they rely on. 

2 years ago

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