Curiosity As TRON Transactions Surpass Ethereum

For a long time, ethereum has been known to handle increased transactions in a day.


Ethereum Transactions Remain Stable As TRON Rises

Cryptocurrencies are characterised by volatility. This feature means that their market price can be determined by a variety of factors. However, the number of transactions is a major determinant for the price of any cryptocurrency. A review of the market now shows that that daily transactions in TRON surpassed that of ethereum which is ranked as the second largest cryptocurrency.

Developers usually tailor crypto networks to handle higher transfers non-stop hence some perform better than others. Within cryptocurrency circles, ethereum has been viewed as one of those currencies that can comfortably manage increased transactions. However, with recent developments, it means that rivals are not leaving anything to chance.

TRON has emerged as a major Ethereum competitor with a rapid increase in the number of transactions. Data from the last 72 hours shows a sharp increase surpassing the 630,000 mark. Over the weekend, figures dropped to under 600,000.

A review of Ethereum shows that things have remained stable in the period under review. The network has maintained its transfers at around 600,000 on a daily basis. Generally, both networks are fairing well but they have to tackle the issue of scalability.

Ethereum is expected to handle the scalability factor by 2019 after launching the Constantinople hard fork. The hard fork is eagerly awaited by many crypto enthusiasts.

On the TRON system, we don't have specific figures on its dApp system. As a result, we cannot tell the main cause behind the spike in transaction figures. In normal circumstances, dApps have a positive impact on any digital currency transaction volume. Additionally, we have the Tron Virtual Machine that might have played a role in the spike in transaction volume. TVM enables engineers to set up a smart contract and dApps at the same time. The system is a major improvement compared to what we had earlier on. The system is a clear indicator that TRON is growing while at the same time keeping pace with the rest of the market.

Notably, figures on transactions cannot have any impact on the value of a crypto. An example is Bitcoin Cash that attained increased transactions throughout as a result of network stress test.

2 years ago

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