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On the 3rd of August,’s new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform was launched and offers incredible performance and service in terms of purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies.

The Platform

As demand for cryptocurrencies continues growing every day, cryptocurrency supporters and investors have heavily focused their attention on safely and securely storing their digital assets as well as being able to trade them easily. Through all of this, was designed and launched with the user in mind. The development focused on creating a platform with exceptional services dedicated to the catering of each user need.

The new exchange is secure and heavily protected to enable newly introduced investors and enthusiasts an easier time operating on the platform and offers reduced costs, live customer support and many additional features.

It also offers a very user-friendly interface for newcomers and utilizes an upgraded version of the digital currency payment solution used by which is incredibly robust and essentially unhackable. In addition to the security provided, complete anonymity in trading on the exchange is presented in a seamless manner.

Additionally, the exchange has listed a large number of cryptocurrencies for trade including BTC, ETH, LTC, Ripple and many more coins. Those deciding to hold onto their cryptocurrencies can safely store them on the exchange of trade them with others. More convenient features include full customization of any users own account, margin trade enabling and more.

The exchange was designed and developed as a means of providing crypto-enthusiasts with a means of experiencing digital trading on a whole new level. No congestion on the platform occurs either and will not cause any traffic when attempting to trade. The platform's website is supported through Coinpayments and enables easier and more convenient trading as well as seamless fund deposits and an end-goal of joining fiat and cryptocurrencies.

2 years ago

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