Cryptopia Suffers from Another Hacker Attack, $180,000 Stolen

15 days after the attack on the crypto exchange Cryptopia, the hackers again managed to find a breach in its security system. This time, the attackers stole cryptocurrency worth $180,000, according to the Elementus study.

The blockchain company Elementus conducted a study of the attack on the New Zealand crypto exchange Cryptopia and determined that in mid-January, hackers stole $16 million in various tokens from it.

Elementus continued monitoring the situation. Now the company claims that 15 days after the attack, the hackers still have access to exchange’s wallets. This allowed them to steal another 1,675 ETH form more than 17,000 accounts. The total loss, calculated by Elementus, is $180,000.

According to Elementus, the exchange has completely lost control of Ethereum wallets, and hackers have acquired its private keys, which allows attackers to steal cryptocurrency. Simultaneously, Cryptopia customers continue sending ETH to the exchange. Most of the coin comes from mining pools. According to the company, this is an automatic payment of the reward for the cryptocurrency mining.

1 year ago

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