CryptoKitties Creates Honu Kitty Worth $25K to Finance Marine Conservation Companies

CryptoKitties, the largest blockchain-based game, has joined efforts with several organizations dedicated to the preservation of marine life in order to design and create an incredibly unique digital cat dubbed the “Honu Kitty.” As CryptoKitties operates by “raising” and trading collectibles in the form of creatures, the Honu Kitty is the first of its kind to be created as a means of providing the required funding and attention to protect endangered sea turtles. 


Two organizations dedicated to the cause, Ocean Elders and ACTAI Global, which both house several international leading figures, professional athletes, and researchers are adamant in their efforts to secure and protect the global environment. Both companies have collaborated with CryptoKitties to host a bidding platform for crypto users. 

Initiating earlier this month on the 9th of July and ending on the 18th, 18 bids were made for the rare collectible, eventually racking up a whopping $25K in profit after bidding off the Honu Kitty. All acquisitions are planned to be distributed to organizations dedicated to protecting near-extinction sea turtles. The Sea Shepherd Society’s Jairo initiative will be funded by the proceeds as BVI’s turtle protection operation.

CryptoKitties has been involved in charity events before. The game’s art executive, Guile Gaspar, created another unique crypto-kitty and bid the creature off for an unbelievable $140K profit. All proceeds were donated as well, financing an organization backing blockchain-tech and art-based companies. Only a little while later, the K4C initiative managed to result in $15K collected for a medical facility located in Seattle. 

Other Efforts

Several crypto-block projects have contributed to charities in many causes. The most well-known funding was named the Pineapple Fund. As the most significant funding for charity through crypto-tech, one unidentified user on Reddit began the project, gathering in thousands of applicants and donators. As a result, “Pine” as the figure is named on Reddit managed to contribute $34 million to dozens of charities around the world.

Every organization granted funding by Pine was involved in numerous humanitarian operations such as drinkable water and disease research organizations, all of which are completely non-profit.

In June 2018, Brian Armstrong of Coinbase created the GiveCrypto platform, designed as a charity service. Some of the biggest leaders in the industry have contributed to his cause, such as Brad Garlinghouse of Ripple. The current plan is to hand over these massive assets in crypto-form to the underprivileged on a global scale. Ripple has also contributed incredibly to education through DonorsChoose, funding almost $30 million in total to 35K classrooms. 

2 years ago

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