Cryptocurrency’s Treasury System Dash Tries to Tackle Security Concerns for Customers

The security concern of cryptocurrency transactions creates fear and uncertainty among investors in the market. This kind of concern comes second after price-volume relationship concerns.

Dash’s CEO Speaks About Crypto Customer’s Major Concerns


Snippet: In an interview with Dash’s chief executive officer, he has expressed his concerns about the security issues that crypto transactions face especially with bitcoin users. 

The CEO expressed that security concerns is being meticulously addressed as it is one of three primary elements for crypto transactions, which include one-off cashbacks and currency usability. He added that addressing these concerns will promote flexibility of the market.

The chief executive officer also explained that despite the fact that bitcoin is most secure within the blockchain technology, security is a bit lacking when customers use it. He elaborated that bitcoin is secure for merchants, but when it comes to customers there is no guarantee that they will get what they paid for.



The CEO concluded his interview by exhibiting Dash’s goal to create a new method of payment that will help tackle what the first generation crypto technology didn’t in terms of payment security. 

Dash will keep the other two primary elements: cashback concerns and usability. They aim to achieve this by taking into account the payment security provided to customers in commercial businesses.

2 years ago

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