Cryptocurrency vs the Internet: Will Crypto Compare?

Cryptocurrency faces a major challenge offering secured and protected services for users in such a digital multimedia world competing with globally popular technologies such as the internet and other social media platforms.


US Adaptation Period to the Internet “Dotcom Bubble”

The United States successfully mediated a period of mainstream internet usage and development reffered to as the Dotcom era.

Currently, developers are maintaining secured and protected investments within the blockchain industry, however achieving successful progress comparable to the Dotcom era is a challenge worth noting.

The success here comes in being able to face challenges and competitors to be on top of the memorable periods in digital history as the Dotcom era is a historical memory for the United States as an era of rapid development.

Everyday, technology is progressing and new projects are coming on line, competing with each other.

Dotcom stocks were on top till the early 2000s and then other new internet services appeared and took their place in the market. So whom will be the next? Can cryptocurrency industry do?

Social media platforms appeared in the digital world after many pieces of research for the best internet and digital practice. From such platforms are Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia, and Flickr.

So, the challenge here for Cryptocurrency is to think out of the box and come up with a new software that is competing for such digital platforms, offering internet users a safe and an easy usage utility.

Internet Adoption Best Practice

Late in 1994, the most well-known browser at that time was Netscape Navigator. It made digital life easier and more simple to surf the internet.

Afterward, Netscape disappeared and traffic went to other successful and easier to use web browsers that we are still using at present such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Meanwhile, the Crypto industry will stack up to internet adoption best practice if it provides more secure and friendly solutions and technologies to loyal internet users.

Crypto Development

Is it easy for Cryptocurrency to establish leadership in the digital market and compete for successful platforms?

It certainly is, however it requires much more effort than merely maintaining high standards of security and promoting investments.

Business life doesn’t interfere a lot with technology, but it's time to go out of the usual and offer developed solutions better than the ones offered by the top digital platforms nowadays.

The crypto industry needs to focus more on providing budget frameworks and on taking risks that might end up with some type of heretofore unplanned success.

Putting in place the plan that digital industry changes every second and comes up with new features that attract the users to be more loyal and adapt to it, which spurs the users to refuse joining any other new platform. So, every day it is even more difficult to compete in the field of technology and digital solutions. Cryptos must demonstrate their strengths and appear to be unique to online users worldwide.

2 years ago

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