Cryptocurrency Tweep Sells Account for Over $4.5M

A Twitter account that has over 82K followers on the topic of cryptocurrency was sold for 672 BTC, which equals $4.7 million. The handle of the twitter account is @Crypto_Bitlord.


The original tweep (Twitter account user) says that this case is the fifth where a crypto-related twitter account was sold for BTC.


Although it is not the first time, it is still unclear why anyone would spend so much money on a Twitter account that has over 82K followers. It was explained before that some Tweeps get paid thousands of dollars for promotions, among them is John McAfee who admits to getting paid 100K per tweet for an ICO. But still, John McAfee has over 800K followers on Twitter, so if the people purchase accounts to promote their services, it does not make sense to purchase an 82K followers account for millions of dollars when they can just pay 100K for promotions and reach a lot more followers in the process.

It is also possible that the buyer will try to use the Tweeps’ authority and trust among his followers to scam them. In this case, however, t would need to be a considerably good scam if they intend to make a profit off more than 4.7 million USD from 82K people.

In the past, @WhalePanda made a joke about selling the account for 1K BTC and starting another account @ProfFaustus. In fact, @ProfFaustus is the Twitter handle of Craig Wright, the famous BTCC advocate.

On the same line, people believe that the announcement made on @Crypto_Bitlord might not be true. In the end, all should be clear within a week, as the announcement stated, and the new name for the account should be decided by then.

2 years ago

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