Cryptocurrency-related cyber crimes on the rise in Thailand

Digital currency facilitating criminal activities 

Lately, a national news channel  gave an account of some vital discoveries from an examination done by the Thailand Institute of Justice (T.I.J), and the UN Inter-regional Crime and Justice Research Institute.

The investigation showed the developing rate of various types of criminal activities such as tax evasion, fake identification documents, fabricated travel documentation, Visa data robbery, call center fraud, and drugs trafficking.

Criminalities associated with cryptographic currency was not featured in the listing. Although, they have been referred to encourage transactions associated with a broad range of progressively wrongdoings amongst the criminals in the Southeast Asian country. 

As per the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (U.N.O.D.C) which has collaborated with T.I.J, cryptocurrencies are utilized for purchasing kids’ porn, paying ransom, drugs trafficking, buying guns and spreading malicious software.

These groups of criminals are apparently utilizing cryptographic forms of money to support terrorism and also for illegal tax avoidance. Additionally, cybercrime is also on the rise in Thailand and all through the Southeast of Asia. 

As per the U.N.O.D.C's official Julien Garsany, more than six billion online crime occurrences are reported every year in the area.

Thai's administration affirms war on cryptocurrency-related wrongdoings. 

These findings of the condition of criminal activities related to digital currencies in were presented in a conference held by T.I.J and U.N.O.D.C themed ‘Propelling safety and fighting crime in the Digital Age: Cryptocurrency and Crime.' 

The conference laid out the status for cybercrimes in Thailand. The list featured many digital currency related criminal activities. The nation has officially recognized a portion of these crimes that needs to eliminate as soon as possible. 

Some top government officials said that the nation has established a cyber-crime board to counter attack the crimes. However it does not have the imperative abilities to handle with the extensive ground work for this crimes.

T.I.J's official who likewise talked at the conference, pinpointed how the country is making plans to accomplish creating advancements that battle international wrongdoings, such as digital currency associated cyber-crime. 

Previously, the nation of Thai has embraced dynamic means to deal with virtual currency via an administrative structure that has pulled in huge enthusiasm from individuals participating in Initial Coin Offerings.

These dynamic methods could be used by the nation to manage the increasing risks of virtual currency-associated wrongdoings.

2 years ago

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