Cryptocurrency Markets See Small Gains After Upswing

According to data from top cryptocurrency exchanges, the ten leading cryptocurrencies are seeing small profitable gains after an upswing on the 13th. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 7 other top cryptocurrencies are making small gains only 24 hours after the boost on the 13th.


Within only one day of the minor rise in price, Bitcoin has climbed one percent to trade at $6247 as of this moment. As a part of the cryptocurrency comeback on the 13th of July, the currency has retained its rise and gains and is currently trading at a balanced rate on the 14th of July.

Despite dropping more than 10 percent through this week, Ethereum has also seen a minor bounce of one percent, placing its trading price at around $435 as of the 14th. As of now, the cryptocurrency total market cap is around $250B, dropping mid-day to around $246B although TMC has seen a loss of $30B in just one week.

With the minor gains of the leading cryptocurrencies jumping on the 13th of July, other cryptocurrencies are also seeing larger gains of their own. XLM, ranked as the seventh largest coin has gained around five percent and is currently worth $0.21 on the trade market. Cardano, ranked right below XLM, is among the few coins experience a drop in price.


Cryptocurrencies dropped on the 10th of July, shifting the trending rise beginning in June when Bitcoin was valued at $6800. Digital markets managed to reverse a slope holding steady since the 10th of July until the 13th when the reversal occurred.

Although officials accused a dozen Russian nationals of funding attempts to disrupt presidential elections in 2016 within the US through cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, the small rise in digital markets has happened.

2 years ago

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