Cryptocurrency Market Reclaims Calm After Monday's Spike

Experts believe that it was linked to investors lack of interest after USDT’s controversy. 


Questions Following Monday’s Crypto Market Mix Performance

On Monday, the cryptocurrency market witnessed an uprising. During this period, a majority of cryptos experienced lighter price variations. As a result, there has been stability in the market come Tuesday October 16th.

Notably, Tether has shown the biggest recovery after it dropped compared to the dollar. The crypto had dipped below its main price to trade at $0.925. A look at bitcoin, the groundbreaking crypto is currently valued at $6,580 as of press. During Monday's increase in value, Bitcoin reached highs of $6, 673, something that correlated with USDT’s drop. In the middle of last week, bitcoin was among the cryptos that suffered major declines. Generally, bitcoin appears to be stable after moving up by 1.72%.

Ethereum has witnessed a drop of 0.3% to trade at $210 at press time. In the course of the last week, Ethereum dipped to $189. The second largest crypto sustained the drop for several days. During the Monday spike, Ethereum traded at $220. Overall, Ethereum’s monthly retracement stands at 3.2%.

A review of the top cryptocurrencies, Ripple’s XRP has emerged as a prominent performer. The crypto has risen by 3% to stand at $0.454. The spike witnessed by XRP was parallel to other major cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum. On Tuesday, XRP has shown an impressive performance to trade at $0.567. Throughout September, Ripple witnessed a successful rise, something that has an impact on its monthly growth which now stands at 64%.

Data from CoinMarketCap shows that the top ten cryptos have had mixed gains and losses. All the cryptos under this category witnessed a cap ranging around 2% in both directions.

On Monday, USDT crumbled due to a number of factors in the market. However, the crypto has managed to recover significantly to rise by 1.6% representing a value of $0.98. It is not clear about what caused the tumble at USDT but unconfirmed reports show that it had issues with the banking sector in relation with Bitfinex.

A number of theories have been offered around the market development on Monday. Some experts show that the development was linked to investors. Some are believed to have lost interest in the market in regards to the tether to the US dollar.

A review on Litecoin, which is ranked seventh, there was a drop of 1.66%. The crypto traded at $54.25. Other cryptos that have moved upward by 1% included XMR and ADA.

The development in the top ten categories was reflected in the top twenty categories. A review shows that we have a cap in the range of 2% but some minor exceptions exist.

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