Cryptocurrency Bitfinex Resumes Making Payments Demanding Improved Method

Bitfinex digital money corporation has announced an innovative method for placing fiat money. This is after the trading site ceased its operations recently. 


The new approach is expected to increase the speed of operations and safeguard digital transactions from fraudsters.

The new deposit system has additional features that will ensure users are verified before executing transactions. This news was posted in the company’s official blog on Tuesday. The KYC tool will be used to identify the corporation’s customers. The clients will also be required to top their accounts with world’s top currencies such as dollars and the Sterling pounds.

In October 5, Bitfinex revealed that processing difficulties forced it to interrupt fiat deposits for specific client accounts. The company gave information on the types of clients that were affected by this move. However, this decision inconvenienced many customers who were unable to execute transactions on time.

Many users expressed their anger via social media platforms where they revealed that withdrawal services were suspended. It is only a few clients who were allowed to access these services. CoinDesk also reported about the issue on Monday. The firm responded by confirming that drawings were administered. The statement encouraged customers whose accounts were affected since they could access them later.

The newest declaration termed the fresh payment procedure as distribution finance resolution. Therefore, certified consumers can direct currency to their wallets by instigating a payment application.

The exchange stated that it might solve the problem by reviewing this account. The entire process is expected to take a period of two days. Moreover, all authorized customers will be given details regarding a particular transaction and how to transfer their money.

The cryptocurrency further obligates savers to deposit a lowest of $10,000 and the processing time is six to ten days.

Bitfinex Response To Indefinite attacks

The company believes that the system will be long-lasting and able to resist attacks by the competitors and their followers. The management believes that smear campaigns against the corporation will not succeed. Instead, the company will only become stronger. The entity also appealed to all the stakeholders to understand the current situation that the company was facing. However, the company was hopeful that it will regain its lost glory soon.

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CoinDesk media outlet that supports digital money activities. The entity adheres to strict reporting guidelines by following the law. This corporation is a branch of digital money group. The media company also conducts its activities freely without any interference. Moreover, it invests in digital moneys and blockchain startups.

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