Cryptocurrencies Continue Slow Climb In Value

As of the 15 of July, cryptocurrencies are still rising and 9 of the world’s top 10 leading digital tokens are seeing positive progress. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar and six other tokens are climbing with the exception of one still hanging in a negative slope.


Bitcoin passed its $6300 value and climbed almost 1.5% in one day, currently priced at $6353, a small gain since its last cap. Last Friday, Bitcoin was valued at $6180 after its inner weekly drop. Ethereum has seen a bigger gain of almost 3.5% in 24 hours, with almost $450 in trading value. As of its monthly performance, ETH is underperforming by 10% in the last thirty days.

After recovering from a serious blow on the 13th of July, losing almost $16 billion in total market cap, its TMC has climbed back to its usual cap of almost $256 billion. Other currencies are also performing better, with Stellar in the lead as the highest climb of more than 6% and is currently valued at around $0.2 on the market. As the only coin of the ten leading cryptocurrencies to draw in weekly gains, Stellar has climbed to more than 3%.

EOS is the only coin from the top ten to see negative results in the last seven days. Currently valued at a little over $7, the token has seen a massive drop of 15% within a week’s time. Chile has seen its appeals court return bank account privileges to Orionx, a digital trading platform that saw its deposit accounts shut down by Banco Estado.

2 years ago

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