Back Announces New Crypto-Visa Card

After purchasing, the highly sought-after domain name, Monaco later rebranded under the new name. The company recently announced its new Visa card, designed to support cryptocurrencies and operate worldwide.

The Card’s Chief Executive Officer, Kris Marszalek, stated that the new MCO Visa card will be accepted at more than 40 million different venues and will function as a payment method for cryptocurrency holders. Additionally, he explained the promotional benefits and bonuses of using the new card, will top any other card service around.

During an interview, the CEO explained that he had just used his own signature MCO card to make a purchase and that through the company’s application, users will be able to pay through the MCO card at any accepting location. He went on to describe the company’s long-term plan of eventually transitioning from traditional payment methods to digital currencies on a global scale as well as the development of crypto technology and its worldwide acceptance.

The card is also meant to provide a friendlier introduction to hesitant clients expressing concerns regarding cryptocurrencies unpredictable fluctuations. A more unique experience by the company is the MCO Private credit card, designed for elite clients and provides custom services and bonuses for its special clientele. The special card includes elite services like consulting and advice, direct and tailored customer service, special invites to exclusive events.


The new MCO card will be available in two different colors for customers. The company’s signature obsidian black card is granted to those that have bought 50K MCO tokens or more while those purchasing 5000 tokens are granted a white card. 

Matt Blaze, the original owner of, finally agreed to sell the name after 25 years in possession for a reported $10 million in a deal with Monaco, although the true price has never been revealed.

The company’s head executive stated that they intend on honoring the domain name and building towards the global adoption and development of cryptocurrencies.

2 years ago

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