Crypto Topics Involved in 2019 CFA Institute Final Exams

In response to an increased demand for education on cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the CFA Institute is adding the technical topics to next year’s exams. Together, the new subjects will design a brand new section titled Fintech in Investment Management.


As reports indicate, several participants involved in the financial industry have been requesting the addition of digital asset and blockchain subjects from the CFA Institute, revealed through interested parties and several surveys. 

Next year’s exam will consist of three varying levels. A whopping 150K plus financial experts and professionals have reserved their spots for the exam in 2019. Unveiling itself next year, the new subject involving crypto and blockchain tech will be included.

Introducing these new subjects are important due to the rise in the transition from traditional finance to cryptocurrencies as more companies and individuals are investing and involving themselves in the new-age industries and technology. Many mega-corps have been expressing their interest as well, such as Goldman Sachs and their involvement in the digital trade.

The institute's education MD, Stephen Horan, stated the reasons behind their introduction of the new topics to the institute's curriculum saying that observations into the crypto-blockchain sphere displayed an accelerated development and a sturdy one, essentially cementing itself on the world.

A financial student from Colombia, Kayden Lee, stated that these new topics would be incredibly useful to participants involved within similar fields as crypto continues to rise in value, industry, and acceptance within global investment.


Included in the studies are business ethics related to crypto. As of today, ethics in cryptocurrency and blockchain industries is lacking, only making its study even more important especially as its crypto-blockchain technology lies outside of official regulation domains for now.

Participation in the exam is often to provide students with better education and understanding of international finance and how it functions. Another reason is a promising opportunity to find employment within crypto and blockchain firms. Asia, as a hotspot for digital coin activities, sees many of its students filling up the CFA institute test halls during the next exam. 

Former forex trader, Darius Sit, states that the addition of new topics by the institute will most likely benefit the entire crypto and blockchain sphere, adding that additional education is always a welcomed thing.

Additionally, many educational institutes are introducing these two topics into their curriculum, offering students courses on the emerging and rapidly integrating technology.

2 years ago

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