Crypto Startup Conducted First Blockchain Call on the XPhone

According to a report by Medium, Pundi X, a company offering a blockchain based POS devices has announced successfully making the very first phone call with blockchain technology. The company has recently launched a POS device directed towards facilitating an easier method for purchasing directly with digital assets and has made groundbreaking achievements in the industry. The call performed by Pitt Huang, one of Pundi X’s founders, and took place during a Bali based Summit called XBlockchain. The startup created a device named the XPhone in which they claim to have conducted the phone call on.


The First Blockchain Operated Phone Call

Their latest achievement, the XPhone, is a telephone device that operates on blockchain technology meaning it functions as a decentralized device without the need for a mobile carrier. The device was built using the startups proprietary technology called Function X blockchain which serves as an exclusive network that was designed to solve issues pertaining to scalability as well as broader notions such as decentralizing the web.

The Startup’s coFounder, Huang, stated that their latest blockchain technology combines five key aspects that allow it to truly act as a decentralized solution. The five features were listed as Function X OS, Function X Blockchain, FXTP Protocol, Function X Docker, and last but not least, Function X IPFX. The Pundi X dev team stated that their Function X OS network was created from Android OS 9,0 version making the technology uniquely compatible with applications made for Android devices. This helps makes things easier for both users and developers alike to facilitate the transition of their platform. In addition, newly created dApps will be much easier to develop and launch.

According to an official post released by the startup, the company claims that platform users will have the ability to share data online as they would do normally through their secure blockchain network. Developers can also easily launch dApps on their FXTP.

Huang also stated that every device operating on the Function X network will act as a node owning its own address and key linked exclusively to those node titles much like typical IP addresses.

The UAE Moves Forward With Plans to Create National Token

CCN recently reported that the UAE’s credit bureau officially decided to move forward with launching emCash, a state crypto token, in order to facilitate mass crypto adoption. In line with the launch, the UAE will also launch a Point of Sale device to government agencies and retail companies as part of a partnership with Pundi X. This collaboration will help crypto users in the country buy goods and services accepting crypto payments. However, this startup is not alone in their attempt to develop a blockchain operated mobile device. In fact, HTC, a major smartphone manufacturing company, has collaborated with Sirin Labs, a digital asset startup, in order to produce a variety of versions.

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