Crypto Price Trailer Postures Malware Risk For Macs

A digital money ticker known as Coin Ticker seems to be fitting double back doors on Apple Macs. Malwarebytes Cybersecurity Company released this information on Monday.


The application downloads and installs diverse pieces of malware. Both EggShell and EvilOXL are backdoor apps that may be used to log Keystrokes. Therefore, people with malicious intentions can use it to manipulate data or execute particular commands.

Thomas Reed who heads Mac and Mobile at Malwarebytes said that malware was created for malicious intentions. Its main purpose was to steal crypto keys. Coin Ticker acts as genuine application developed to present the value of a chosen digital currency on demand. The person installing the application can choose from a variety of cryptocurrencies in the market.

Some of the available options are Zcash, BTC and Monero. Additionally, the application is capable of installing EvilOXL and EggShell in the background. The application does not need any elevated authorizations or root before using it. As a result, the user may not be able to see any sign of infection.

Thomas Reed Opposes The New Application

This has led to a dilemma among the users of these platforms. Many individuals have been left guessing regarding the intentions of the app’s developers. Thomas still insists that the application is meant to gain entry into users digital money wallets to steal money. It has led to a lot of suspicions about the cryptocurrency exchange industry as many individuals fear losing their money.

The market watchdog should therefore monitor this ticker for some time to see if it was developed for nefarious intentions. Secondly, it should take action against the price tracker by compelling its creator’s to compensate the investors if they lose their money.

Whistle blowing should also be encouraged in the industry to control fraud. This step will enable companies to take proactive action before their customers lose their investments.

1 year ago

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