Crypto Possible Solution for Almost Two Billion Bank-Less Adults

The World Bank has reported, around 1.7 billion individual adults around the world currently possess no form of banking accounts of money providing services. Those without bank accounts struggle heavily with paying bills and many other necessities and more so in unstable nations. 


As per usual for someone without a bank account, paying a bill may occur in several less convenient methods like sending fiat to companies, be held up in huge queues while waiting to pay any pending bills with cash and a much easier method of paying through company related applications although the problem lies in the fact that many of these companies do not provide apps like these and provide nothing but an incredibly tasking effect on bill payment. 

Unlike developed nations, life without a bank account is incredibly hard to imagine as many of today’s errands and bills are done through direct applications and services provided to aid in the seamlessness of payment methods. Undeveloped or politically unstable countries struggle severely in terms of acquiring financial services to make payment procedures easier and more convenient for citizens. 

Treon is an upcoming project developed to offer direct payments to any company and bypassing the need for long awaiting attempts to transfer funds for transactions between both parties. The company’s TXO will be used to facilitate these payments instantly through a networked app. Treon assumes the role of a digital partner with several companies providing utility services as a means of providing aid to those with no banking access. Several features are included by the company, including sooner bill payment and connect companies directly with their customers.

Treon Team

Treon’s team consists of previous information and communications-tech head executives for several super-companies across the world from the Middle East, Asia, Africa and more. As is stands, the company is providing beneficial solutions for a persistent problem for those without access to financial payment services.

Despite no official announcements about involved parties and partners of the company, its current team consists of some of the most distinguished names within the industry and may possibly establish Treon as the leading company in telecom payment operating on blockchain-technology.

2 years ago

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