Crypto Podcast Hosted by Anthony Pompliano Deleted by Apple

The crypto podcast hosted by Anthony Pompliano, an analyst of cryptos and a partner at Morgan Creek Digital, has reportedly been deleted by Apple from their United States iTunes store as of 5 November.

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No Warnings

Pompliano turned to Twitter to share his frustration over the incident. He explained that they had released the podcast talking about the greatest argument for BTC. It was an instant success and reached the number four spot in the United States Investments category before Apple took it down without any warning or reasons, as per the host of the show.

The alleged reason behind the episode’s instant popularity before it was deleted by Apple is that it was mentioned in its description that Popliano sat down for an interview with Murad Mahmudov, who is referred to in promo materials as the world’s highest conviction BTC maximalists.

The discussion had revolved around what BTC is and what it takes to work, how important a monetary system that causes deflation is, why fiat currencies are failing, and also why major financial institutions should look into implementing BTC.

Currently, if any interested party searches for that specific podcast in the United States iTunes store, an alert from Apple that it’s not available at the moment will pop up. Pompliano has a screenshot showing that the podcast reached number four in the investing category in The United States . He also has proof that the podcast reached number fourteen in the business category.

Pomplian shared on Twitter that he hopes this is all a misunderstanding and that it was removed by accident, but also mentioned that he emailed Apple on 5 November multiple times about the situation, without getting any word back.

Users on Twitter also noticed and commented on that fact that they cannot access the podcast by searching through the Apple store, but can play episodes that they had downloaded before of the same podcast.

On the other hand, users can still access the podcast on other platforms like Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, or Libsyn.

Blocking Crypto Media

In the meantime, other commentators on social media have been criticizing Bitly, a service that shortens URLs, because it was clear they had blocked links that are related to cryptos from books by Andreas Antonopoulos.

On another note, last month it was announced that Apple's co-founder is now the co-founder of EQUI Global, a blockchain-based venture capital fund that was just launched recently, as he had made a huge investment of BTC last summer, saying that it’s the only form of digital gold in its purest form.

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