Crypto Platform Claims Tron Is Partnering With Baidu

Many are speculating that the company in question might be Baidu.  


How Crypto Market Will Respond In Case of Baidu-Tron Partnership

Recently, Tron founder Justin Sun revealed that his foundation is set to ink billion dollar deal with an undisclosed firm. The news has led to a lot of speculations in the market. Many experts are trying to makes guesses about the possible partner.

A number of platforms have been throwing wild guesses, but it seems nobody is getting it right at the moment. A website with interest in cryptos has even come out to claim that it has insider information about the upcoming Tron deal.

According to, the firm named by Sun is Baidu, a tech firm from China. The site made the announcement through a Twitter post. As Sun said that the deal will run into billions, it might be true because Baidu is a rich firm.

At the moment, Baidu is the largest search engine in China by market dominance serving approximately 70% of the Chinese population. Baidu is controlling a huge chunk of the populations since 75O million Chinese are active internet users. It is therefore clear that the company is reaping big from the Asian giant. In terms of search engine dominance, Shenma owned by Alibaba is ranked second with 14%. In other words, Baidu is the Chinese version of Google.

Apart from search engine services, Baidu offers maps, videos and pictures. Over the years the firms have invested in AI. At the moment it is working to test self-driving cars. During a survey released by Reuters, Baidu was ranked among the top growing tech firms across the globe. It emerged top ahead of Netflix in revenue generation.

If Tron and Baidu team up, then it will be the biggest highlight for the cryptocurrency industry. It will be a major boost for the market that declined further over the past one week. Baidu’s user base in China will be beneficial for the sector. It means that most of the users will be enlisted on Tron and become possible future clients. It is important to highlight the benefits of a huge user base for the crypto sector.

If this partnership is confirmed, then we should expect a bullish run under TRX since its value will be highly impacted. However, nothing concrete can be predicted, but time will tell.

2 years ago

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