Crypto-Listing Website Aims for True Value

Unlike cryptocurrency websites that post up the prices of each coin from several data sources around the world, a new platform,, is now uploading and measuring cryptocurrency prices under fair value methods instead of any speculation. Coinmarketcap, another incredibly popular website favored by a majority of individuals usually acquire a median average price of cryptos from several sources.


As a result of the collected data and pricing methods of sites like CMC, prices are often different from what’s posted on standalone exchanges. Coinfairvalue (CFV) lists the values of each major cryptocurrency but opts to use fair value measurements instead of speculative ones acquired through data on each cryptos usage.

The Pablompa Currencies Fair Value model last year is what CFV has based their own platform on as stated by its founders. As the company’s site states, CFV’s market cap is different from other online platforms due to no difference made between supply and circulating supply.

Data on CFV differs for several factors and among them are the dominating fiat currencies, the USD and EUR, not often seen on other similar sites. The USD maintains a fair market value or FMV of $1. The Euro, on the other hand, maintains a $1.12 and both climb to almost $14T in market cap. CFV very much differs in the leading five crypto pricings than CMC and other websites.

Bitcoin is listed at $6360 on CMC, although its fair value is at $4559 on CFV. Additionally, the second strongest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, Ethereum, is valued at $360 on CMC and other sites, however, CFV states that the price should be fairly higher at $534. According to CFV’s listing, BCH is the third leading cryptocurrency despite Ripple holding the position on other sites.

According to CFV, Bitcoin Cash should be worth $923 in its value, posted at $594 on other sites. XRP should be placed down at $0.13 on the market unlike its $0.44 overpricing as of press time. may prove to be a source of controversy for other crypto-trading sites although several attempts have been made to launch a more transparent and realistic data website for crypto. While utilizing the Currencies Fair Value design, CFV's founders are adamant about the rationality of their acquired information.

The site has stated that FVT among cryptocurrencies is essential when speculative trading increases to higher numbers while utilizing the same cryptocurrency as a tool, hoping to acquire BCH during a better performance after trading in Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash, for example.

2 years ago

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