Crypto-Investment Firm Pantera Reports %10000 Lifetime Returns

According to reports, Pantera Capital, a distinguished crypto-investment company has earned 10000 percent in profits from its investments over the last five years dating back to its launch. The company has poured heavy funding into crypto and blockchain-tech and sports an impressive track record including Bitstamp, Zcash, and others. As the company’s CEO, Dan Morehead, and co-CIO Joey Krug have both reported a whopping 10K% on returned profits from prior investments.


The Emails

Both executives mentioned two emails from the same year of the company’s creation in the email reporting the celebratory return news. According to them, they planned on sharing the original concepts and notions given its still relevant status as of now.

In the first email, Bitcoin was still incredibly worth much less than it is today, float at around $100 at the time. The email provided foresight into the price of BTC, stating that it would be worth $5000 in the future and discusses how the cryptocurrency will overshadow traditional and electronic fiat currencies, gold and much more. The email also described Bitcoin as an international currency, the first of its kind since gold and that it was also the first payment system with no international boundaries.

At the time of the second emails composition, Bitcoin was worth $250 on the market, a minor but important climb in the coin’s previous price. The email compared purchasing and investing in BTC as acquiring Microsoft shares when the company was first created. Microsoft shares were relatively cheap early on, although their acquisition was difficult. The email compares Bitcoin to the shares in that at the time, an early investment proved beyond profitable years later. After Silk Road was closed, several investor experts began joining in on crypto and Bitcoin. At the time, it also had a total market cap of $3 billion.

In June of 2018, the company revealed that the initial Venture Fund III will shut down at the end of the month. Morehead and Krug both stated that they will be discussing the venture fund in several venues around the world as well as blockchain-tech.

2 years ago

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