Crypto-Derivatives Project CADE Launches Soon

LevelTradingField, an interactive platform online designed for financial professionals within the industry is set on launching their new crypto-derivatives exchange fueled by Ethereum. The new platform, CADE, will see its own launch this coming September and will post ERC20 coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BCH, Money and many other cryptocurrencies are planned for future listings.

The Platform

Unlike the usual, one interesting factor is that no user on the new platform will be required to hold any of the listed cryptocurrencies to utilize the platforms many services. As mentioned, the cryptocurrencies will grant bull traders the ability to go long while permitting bears to shorten the core crypto. These can also be used by those that prefer to gather up tokens and sit on them, also known as hodling.

Following its launch, the platform will post derivatives on BTC, ETH, LTC and the other originally planned cryptocurrencies and other currencies will be taken into consideration should all conditions for listing be fulfilled. All derivatives on the new platform will be priced according to the stablecoin, LUSD, which values equally at a 1:1 ration of the USD. In light of further reports, the new exchange will also benefit digital miners and cryptocurrency supporters as opposed to just traders in the sector.

A release stated that LUSD is ensured by the company if purchased through them and the LUSD is linked to the dollar in terms of value, offering a suitable stablecoin alternative. To operate on the exchange and utilize its services, any participant must first apply and pass through KYC and AML regulations and live up to the compliance standards of the company as a means of ensuring security and authenticity.

The company itself is consistently growing. Last year, LevelTradingField released a BTC Market Predictor that allowed participants to place wagers on how BTC would scale or drop in price and receive rewards accordingly. Following this, the company then announced a new-found partnership with NetXpress, dedicated to offering a live feed fueled by crypto for users looking to exchange data related to crypto.

2 years ago

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