A Crypto Card Game is Making Record Sales Prior to Launch

The top trading card in sales is the Black Lotus, which has made $87 thousand in sales during July. However, God’s Unchained, the crypto trading card game based on ETH, had a single card sold in an auction, making it worth over 146 ETH ($ 60K then).

The surprising fact is the $27K difference in sales between each game, as the former has been out for over twenty-five years. While Gods Unchained is still in the beta testing phase, it has not been released yet. The game’s release date is said to be due by the end of 2019.


The game is said to be the creation of Fuel Games, a startup in Sydney. James Ferguson, the CEO states that the secret to the sales is the value of the game itself; the game is engaging and attractive for players, even if it had no connection to crypto at all.

Both games have a similar fantasy-based theme, including magic spell cards and the like, but Ferguson explains that the key difference between such games and his own is the decentralization of his game.

Centralized games, according to him, have a high risk of the owner’s cards getting stolen or duplicated, and thus giving players an unsafe environment to play or work. However, with Gods Unchained’s decentralized systems using ERC-721 tokens that are non-fungible, it is highly unlikely that someone would be able to duplicate a card or steal one. Moreover, The tokens are to be hosted on an ETH blockchain to ensure their security.

The owner of the cards will be in custody of a cryptographic key that can never be hacked or altered. The key would allow the owner to design the cards freely. However, because of the system, Fuel Games is likely to be careful while monitoring the cards created to make sure no cards exist that take away the balance of the game.


The game might prove to add value to the cryptocurrency market if it maintains a good level of popularity because it might be a bridge to introduce gamers who’ve never heard about cryptocurrency to the ecosystem through gameplay. The game allows users to earn and trade digital currency, as well as use it for in-game purchases.

The mission the project seeks to achieve is to have a user base of over one million players, offering them the chance to enter the cryptomarket for free, and get to explore the market themselves. This will be added through the ETH extension as card buyers can get prizes like 10 dollar-worth of ETH into their wallets. The team is indeed off to a good start with the first buyer who was happy to pay $60 K to own one of the game’s special cards.

Ferguson then continues to explain how blockchain is probably the catalyst to changing the whole gaming industry. However, due to the approach being newborn, technology has not yet matured to the point of making the game fast. Rather, it will have a slower pace at processing at a very high cost to ETH, and will have the advantage of being a game with beautiful, appealing graphics and high quality gameplay while giving the players the advantage of owning digital assets and trading them in the game world.

Another example of ETH-based games is Etheremon, which will soon move to Zilliqa, a new blockchain for the game. The game seems so much like Pokemon, offering collectable “mons” as ERC-721 tokens.

As for Gods, Ferguson stated that is is impossible to put such a complicated system on-chain at the moment. They are also sure about it because of their already existing on-chain game, Etherbots, which will soon have a newly developed ansible channel that will make the overall experience for gamers much more enjoyable.

Within the market, Fuel Games have issued equity shares that were bought by Coinbase and Nirvana Capital. In may, they completed a round of over $2.4 M. On top of that, Sora Ventures played a role in the success of the investment.


Xiahong Lin explained to CoinDesk how remarkably different Gods Unchained is; although the game is using similar tokens as the ones used by CryptoKitties, which was a great idea to grow funds from crypto investors. Gods Unchained is the only game so far that did not cut off the player’s experience for the sake of adding digital assets to the game.

While the dApp has declined in terms of users since the last year, Gods Unchained has the potential to get the numbers back up; As of now, Fuel Games has made over $1.3 M in sales (over 4.6K ETH). As much as the price for the Hyperion card is great for a first time, CryptoKitties has broken that record multiple times by selling cards for over $110 in December.

All in all, the value of such games like Gods Unchained is far more than just competing with other blockchain-based games in the market. Rather, they have the ability to bring much more value to the crypto ecosystem in the future.

2 years ago

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