Crypto App Delta to Directly Link Token Teams and Investors

Delta, a digital currency app, has officially released Delta Direct, a new initiative that will allow previous and incoming investors to connect with token teams. At the moment of publishing, 32 token teams have partnered with the app, including Zcash, Nano, and more.

Through the app, these teams will be able to update users directly if any new information or technological advances arises. The feature will be integrated into the existing free Delta app.

Looking Forward

Delta’s Chief Executive Officer, Nicolas Van Hoorde, said that the company believes that the current crypto sector needs improved methods of communication with investors and stakeholders. He also said that the initiative aims to battle misinformation and misleading news regarding token projects.

According to the statement, the company aims to provide a direct line between token teams and existing or new investors. As much of current communications often gets filed as spam or fake news, Delta Direct can be a verified source of reliable information from the teams themselves.


As 2017 brought on a surge in ICOs and scams alongside them, the demand for reliable lines of communication is more essential than ever before. An increase of misinformation plagues mediums like Reddit and Telegram, resulting in a lack of reliability. Delta Direct will bring about  new level of transparency yet to be seen in the industry.

2 years ago

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