CRPT By Crypterium Gets Listed on The KuCoin Trading Platform

The entire Crypterium program seeks to become the normal back for crypto lovers. 


KuCoin Exchange New Home For CRPT

Crypterium project has enlisted its currency CRPT on the KuCoin trading platform. The general idea behind Crypterium is to take cashless transaction systems to the next level. Clients can access deposits instantly for those exchanging with bitcoin and ethereum. The exchange can be conducted through the KuCoin mobile application or the website.

In general, crypterium seems to emulate the banks and transfer similar functions to the crypto world. The platforms want to have the normal support system like traditional banks but will only focus on the cryptosphere and blockchain. Crypterium crypto bank is set up to sustain all digital coins under one platform for a period of time.

Developers have come up with a system that will support both android and ios systems. The apps will have a feature that permits the creation of accounts instantly. Unlike banking applications, creating accounts can be tedious since the process can even last for days. The crypterium project seeks to have limitless and low-cost transactions. The projects plans to work with more than 42 million payment terminals across the globe.

The Team Behind Crypterium Ambitious Plan

Behind the project, we have a team with experience spanning for years. The team has been in the cryptocurrency industry for over ten years. The group came up with  CRPT crypto for mobile bank transactions. The crypto is important for the framework of the project.

Fiat and cryptocurrency transactions will be conducted through the digital coins. A charge of 0.5% will be applied under every transaction. The rate has been described as fuel by the crypterium team. Key to note is that transactions cost will be affordable and instant. Banks will automatically look for the best market rates at every given time.

Crypterium’s Reward Program For Clients

Customers will also get loyalty rewards from Crypterium. Unlike other platforms, merchants will be charged between 0.5% to 1$% while working on the 0.15% of the loyalty charge programs. Other programs usually entail crediting merchants loyalty by looking at the payment made. Loyalty points can be issued in numerous ways regarding the total amount of CRPT an individual holds.

2 years ago

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