Crowdfunding Project for Terrorists Discovered Online

Currently, the bitcoin wallet is still empty. 


Jihadists Using Cryptos to Raise Funds

It has emerged that the dark web is hosting a marketplace meant to source for funds that will be channelled towards supporting terrorism. The platform can only be viewed through the Tor browser.

The marketplace has been identified as SadaqaCoins which differs from the rest of the pack. It only accepts donations from bitcoin and Monero’s XRP. The donations are geared towards paying for pickup trucks, rifles, wind readers, silencers. The funds are also meant to facilitate training of individuals joining terror groups.

At press time, bitcoin wallet on the website did not have any donations. On the website, there is a message indicating that to date no contributions have come in from potential donors since inception less than a month ago.

Friends of the website can contribute in a number of ways. One can publicize the website, buy a coin for donation, mine cryptos with returns being donated. The site lists hustling as the fourth way of contributing to its course. Under hustling, donors are encouraged to illegally gain access or steal cryptos from non-muslims. All this is meant to keep the concept of Ghanima alive.

The website was exposed by, Benjamin Strickland an analyst who published an article about it days before it was launched.

The site has a crowdsourcing page dubbed ‘We Hunt’ where donors will help facilitate activities of the jihadists through the provision of equipment. On Thursday, the publishers posted another project called ‘The Forgotten Sisters’. Under the latest project, they seek to source for funds that will be channelled towards securing freedom of five women currently held in war-torn Syria.  They seek to raise about $14, 850 to pay the ransom.

They also have a third bizarre project where there is a specified amount to be donated. An individual is required to contribute $220 to be used in acquiring livestock. The animals will be used as sacrifices for the SadaqaCoins. The sacrifice will be conducted on behalf of all donors during the  Eid al-Adha holiday.

Is The Website Real?

At the moment, it is not clear to tell whether the website is real or not. No proof exists to arrive at any conclusion that it is supposed to fund jihadists.  Notably, visitors can contact the publishers through a contact us section. It only permits encrypted emails. The website has a Twitter account which states that it is being operated from Syria.

Notable, the Twitter account follows prominent Syrian reporters and a number of terrorism experts. A thorough look at the website indicates that a lot of work was put into the project, something that is not common with many scams.

2 years ago

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