Craig Wright Promises 1TB Bitcoin SV Blocks in 2020

Craig Wright, the leading ideologist and creator of Bitcoin SV, is confident that in 2 years the cryptocurrency will have 1 terabyte blocks, which will allow millions of transactions per second.


In his Twitter, self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright said that in 2 years the size of the blocks in the Bitcoin SV blockchain would reach 1 terabyte. This will allow the network to process from 2 to 4 million transactions per second. But Craig didn’t specify how exactly the block would reach this size.

In mid-November, Bitcoin Cash survived the war between two camps of developers. On one hand, there was the Bitcoin ABC group, which supported the implementation of various network scalability solutions like the Lightning Network.

The other group was led by Craig Wright. They were against third-party solutions and argued only an increase in block size would help the blockchain. Allegedly, this is exactly what corresponds to the initial vision of Satoshi Nakamoto.

During the hard fork, BCH split into two cryptocurrencies. Most of the miners and pools supported Bitcoin ABC, and as a result, it became a true BCH.

Craig Wright supported a separate chain, so Bitcoin SV appeared. The maximum block size of BSV has increased to 128 MB.

1 year ago

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