Countries With Notable Bitcoin Holders

It with no surprise that the United States is among top holders followed by a host of European countries. 


How Global Nations Fare In Bitcoin Ownership

With the growth of the cryptocurrency sector, we have an ongoing debate regarding who owns more bitcoins. As such many theories are being thrown around regarding the ownership of cryptos. Trading platforms and mining pools are considered to be the ones holding the largest crypto ownerships. We now have data which indicates how countries are faring on in terms of bitcoin holders. Here is a list of countries and the approximate data they alleged to hold.

United States

The United States is advanced in the cryptocurrency with many businesses in the sector. Surprisingly, the US does not have many bitcoin owners. Data indicates that 8% of US residents own bitcoins.

South Korea

The Asian giant is a major player in the cryptocurrency sector. However, trading platforms have been affected by hacking incidents. Despite the setback, Korea’s crypto sector is still thriving. Among all cryptos, bitcoin is the most exchanged coin.


Romania is a top home of cryptocurrencies in Europe. The country is a home to major crypto firms across the globe. The country has a number of top-notch developers in the industry. Some of these firms and industries are known to hold cryptocurrencies. Romania is among the countries where cryptocurrencies have been commercialized. Out of Romania’s population, 12% are believed to be holders of bitcoin.


Authorities in Malta have been making efforts to establish the country as a cryptocurrency hub. The island has been friendly to bitcoin. Parliament has already enacted policies on building a framework for cryptocurrencies. Recently, exchanges in the crypto sector have moved to Malta due to the friendly trading environment. It should not come as a surprise that bitcoin might have many holders on the island considering that we have laws that have been deemed friendly.

Czech Republic

Over the recent past, the crypto sector in the Czech Republic has been rising significantly. Unconfirmed reports indicate that about 9% of the local population has an interest in the crypto sector with a number of investments. Bitcoin holders are yet to be known.


The European nation has installed several bitcoin ATMs where locals can convert bitcoins to traditional currency. Data from reputable sources shows that 10% of the population has bought cryptos with bitcoin’s ownership still unknown.


Poland has been the latest entry into the crypto sector. However, locals are still curious regarding the adoption of bitcoin. About 11% of the population are holders of different cryptocurrencies. However, the future of cryptos in Poland is still bright.

2 years ago

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