Cosplay Provides Hidden Opportunities for Crypto

What was initially just a child’s trend of dressing up as their favorite fictional characters, Cosplay has quickly become worth almost $50 billion USD as an industry. As Cosplay continues seeing adoption and more are taking it seriously, Cosplay has become a major contributor to the entertainment industry on an international scale. 


CW Cosplay

As being the largest cosplay platform, Cure Worldcosplay is more than just a gathering of individuals looking to show off their latest cosplay, many consider the platform a home. CW’s global reach is incredibly impressive. Over 700K fans are on the platform, all of them hailing from a combined 180 countries around the world. The platform also offers 12 different languages for its international client base. 

Cosplayers are not the only ones drawn CW. Many others like photographers and more also utilize the platform. With the company and platforms skyrocketing popularity, gathering more than 400K followers. CW then explained just how important it was to hundreds and thousands of users, saying that cosplayers come in all types and that some are looking to draw in fans, something are looking to spread their creative work and others are looking to become dedicated professional cosplayers. Since the platform connects cosplayers, photographers and prop producers, it provides a hub of potential for all three.

Behind The Scene

Cure Worldcosplay’s creative team are experts in each of their own fields and are dedicated to cosplay with years of experience within the industry. Junichiro Kawai, the chief executive officer and founder of CW began working in sales for USEN as a manager. After spending some time in the US, Kawai decided to found CW last year. 

The company’s CMO, Daisuke Nakagawa is a long-time professional from the BaDM industry, previously working alongside some the biggest names like USEN and Tokyo’s broadcast television.

The team behind CW contains experts and professionals in several categories, including, and most notably, the gaming industry which is among the largest on a global scale. Expertise and experience within the team consist of marketing, web design, applications and more. Among the members are Tomofumi Yokoyhama, an expert in the gaming sector with intricate knowledge of the industry. Kazuki Foo leads the CW summit as its chief executive officer. 

Bumps in the Road

Even with the massive widespread and popularity of cosplay, several hindering factors are still troubling cosplayers and others involved in its industry. Sustaining any sort of development for the industry is among the leading problems given that involved individuals are hard to group and organize as well as a massive number of opportunities for a monopoly on certain activities. The cosplay industry’s financial perspective also remains blurred and overlooked given that many involved can successfully set up their own funding and income through their content and work.

Certain cosplayers looking to completely monetize their own work are facing increased challenges due to no settlement accounts or regulations. Newcomers and younger players often have limited access to several products and services provided by more experienced cosplayers due to a lack of proper financial assets. Another major issue is player harassment from their followers. When one player pours heavy funding into a costume, given that the more money you invest into it, the better it looks, often struggle to make any paybacks from their product. 

Good outweighs Bad

It’s true that the cosplay industry is riddled with its own issues, however, this also provides incredible opportunities just waiting to be uncovered and taken advantage of. If CW manages to address all these issues related to the industry, it would climb over others and establish itself as the leading entity in cosplay. The company is looking to use blockchain-tech as a means of handling the current financial issues among players and other involved members. DLT will provide a means of copyrighting images and other content on the platform and distributing any profit to its rightful owner on the platform by utilizing digital contracts.

The COT, which is the platforms native token, will allow cosplayers to conduct international transactions while bypassing the need for conventional financial tools. As a means of protecting cosplayers and their assets, all records of any cosplayer and their activities are recorded on the platform and cannot be altered whatsoever, guaranteeing rights to the respective player. The company is bound to expand across the world as its platform grows more due to the increasing number of interested parties and cosplayers entering the scene. 

An ICO will be held by Cure Worldcosplay and its native coin will be on sale for investors. Those looking to invest can also be whitelisted by simply signing up on the company’s website. Cosplay tokens will eventually become the funding currency of the ever growing cosplay industry and provide all participants with a chance to involve themselves. 

2 years ago

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