Consumer Survey Points to More Needed Merchant Acceptance of Crypto

CreditCoin, the cryptocurrency webpage behind the latest survey study revealed that age was not a factor in terms of cryptocurrency spending wants. According to research, 84% of baby boomers welcome cryptocurrencies and would adopt the innovation and its spending opportunities.


80% of cryptocurrency buyers were purchasing digital assets as an investment plan and were completely oblivious to the fact that cryptocurrencies could be used in a massive array of services and product purchases. 

John McLeon, a CreditCoin representative spoke during a press conference, saying that despite the investment nature of cryptocurrencies, demand is constantly growing for more global, industrial and economical adoption by individuals and parties that have yet to accept crypto. He also addressed the notion behind many high-profile companies expressing themselves negatively towards alternative coins and that despite what may happen, crypto-technology has cemented itself globally as of now.

Users may purchase three of the leading coins from CreditCoin, including BTC, LTC, and Ethereum.


As cryptocurrencies continue on their downward trend in price in 2018, several markets and cryptocurrencies have been studied and surveyed this year. Despite common misconception, studies are showing that investors are maintaining bullish attitudes as individuals and companies.

In a recent report, South African consumers voiced regret and grief over not purchasing Bitcoin earlier, although the coin’s price has significantly dropped since its all-time high last year. US investors are also still interested in Bitcoin and altcoins as reports indicate that one major issue is the difficulty in buy digital coins, also another misconception as most believe purchasing coins is not an easy task. In the survey, more than 40% of participants had no idea how to buy coins.

Many applications make the process of buying and selling digital coins much easier and user-friendly, especially for newcomers. An example would be Square Cash, permitting customers to purchase BTC through cards. Another 40% of millennials possessed Bitcoins although men exceeded women in terms of purchase.

2 years ago

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