ConsenSys’ Joins Asia Pacific BC Industry

Partnering with AWS, blockchain developer ConsenSys’ will be introducing its cloud-based blockchain software further into the Asia Pacific as the industry continues to invest in blockchain and demand rises.



ConsenSys’ Kaleido's latest partnership with AWS has expanded to South Korea and Australia, opening information centers with Kaleido’s cloud-based blockchain acting as the operating system. While no statements have been made about upcoming venues, additional data centers are expected to open soon.


In a statement, it reports on the current potential of trade, networking and more throughout the Asia Pacific, providing more business opportunities to pursue. It also explains how neighboring countries are looking to develop a trading alliance and online product services through blockchain’s potential.


ConsenSys’ Chief Executive Officer stated that blockchain investments in APAC were soaring in performance and demand for further advancements was at an all-time high. The partnered companies aim to satisfy corporate and governmental demands for blockchain investments and development within the industry.



Caifeng Gene, a genome analytics company in China has already expressed interest in the new framework, joining the partnership to introduce blockchain into medical applications. Caifeng aims to form a network connecting hospitals, medicinal research and development companies, pharmacies and more, establishing a clear line of exchange information regarding diabetes. By developing blockchain further, this will open a way to creating faster and safer means of data transfers, including confidential or sensitive information. Given the significant number of reported diabetes cases in China, Kaleido’s platform will assist in data transfers between medical institutes.


Kaleido’s blockchain will also aid Project i2i, a bank in the Philippines, with a faster performing service on banking processes within the institute. Project i2i is adamant about providing rural locations with various bank services.

2 years ago

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