Confirmed: New Samsung Flagman Smartphones Will Be Equipped with Crypto Wallet

Samsung has introduced its new flagship smartphones. The S10 line, among other things, will be equipped with a secure cryptocurrency wallet.

Samsung held a traditional press conference at which it introduced a new line of its flagship smartphones. Galaxy S10 is one of them. And now these smartphones can please crypto enthusiasts because they have a built-in crypto wallet for storing coins.

According to Samsung, the S10 will be equipped with a special protected Samsung Knox cluster, where confidential user data like a fingerprint and a retina scanner, will be stored. Also, in S10 there will be built-in hardware storage for holding "private keys for mobile services built on the blockchain."

Samsung has already opened pre-orders for the flagship smartphone. The cost of the Galaxy S10 will range from $749 to $999.

1 year ago

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