Company Rewards Users Crypto for Watching Trailers, Movies

The CEO of Australia’s Demand Film, David Doepel, reveals to the press that they’re taking affiliate marketing to the next level. Users who already enjoy watching their movies and sharing them with their friends will have the chance to earn Screenreds, their in-house crypto. The amount paid is decided upon the successful number of prospects for buying tickets.

The company stated that Screenreds will soon be ready for exchange with the Australian crypto NCX. In the meantime, however, the users get to enjoy trading their Screenreds for meet-for-greet sessions with their favorite movies’ cast and crew, and purchasing movie tickets.

Effect on Film Industry

In addition to the great value to users, Screenreds is likely to revolutionize the film industry as filmmakers will have the chance to receive their money faster if they’re paid in cryptocurrency. This saves filmmakers the hustle of having to wait for the distribution house to have funds liquid.

Demand Film is not the first to utilize a blockchain system. In fact, Veredictum, the Australian start-up, developed a similar Blockchain system to preserve data like music, lyrics, and scripts to keep the producer’s work free from piracy.

All in all, it’s a no-brainer that cryptocurrency is likely to fix the decreasing number of movie tickets sold each month. The film industry will have the chance to update and use blockchain technology to move forward, rather than submitting to the fast-paced technological progress.

2 years ago

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