Commissioners Decline To Suspend Bitcoin Mining In Montana Amid Complains

Commissioners simply argue they have no mandate to make such decisions.

Reprieve For Miners As Suspension Order Is Dismissed

An emergency proposal to shut down bitcoin mining has been rejected by authorities in Missoula County.  There was a request seeking orders to suspend activities of miners for a period of one year to pave room for sorting issues related to mining.

In rejecting the request, commissioners stated the evidence provided did not highlight any immediate threat posed by miners to warrant suspension. This comes after residents raised complains about the rising activity.

The company, Hyperblock Technologies has said that residents’ concerns are treated with the utmost seriousness for the benefit of the society. The company’s lawyer Jaymie Bowditch maintained that all issues raised during public hearings will be addressed. Hyperblock Technologies is the mother company of Project Spokane.

The complainants presented a number of options such as interim zoning. The lawyer dismissed the proposal stating that there is no legal back up to initiate such an option.

The residents’ main concern was about the excessive power consumption. Residents from Bonner residing close to mega mining firms had also raised an alarm over noise emanating from cooling fans. In a number of communities, there are reports that power bills have soared by about $100 as a result of large-scale mining.

The entire Montana region has witnessed an increased number of miners. Many cite the regions cold climate since its beneficial in cooling mining computers. Before the emergence of mining firms, the region enjoyed low-cost electricity from hydropower.

Increased complaints forced authorities to convene a public forum back in June.

The hearing was put on hold to give room for more consideration of divergent views regarding the matter. Out of the individuals who gave their views, more than 92% proposed the suspension of all mining activities in the area.  However, the commissioners declined to issue suspension orders because they are not authorized.

The commissioners, however, decided to urge staff at the mining firms to explore different solutions regarding the issues raised.  Organs that were calling for the moratorium were advised to review matters to do with noise and environmental impact across the world instead of concentrating on mining.

The Montana case is not the first. At the beginning of this year, complaints about mining activities forced authorities in Washington County to impose a 50% electricity bill increase for all bitcoin miners.

2 years ago

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