The commission for sending payments in the Bitcoin network has reached one-year maximums

At the time of the bear market, the average BTC transfer fee was at $ 0.50. Now payment for the transaction has increased 4 times, which coincided with the bullish trend.

Analysts predict a gradual increase in commissions as interest in BTC increases. The more transactions in the blockchain, the fuller the blocks and the greater the competition. This will cause a wave of low commission transaction delays.

Due to the recent rise in price, interest in cryptocurrency has increased again, along with the minimum commission limit. It literally happened overnight. But still, nowadays indicators are still far away from those at the end of 2017.

In this regard, it is quite reasonable to question — how to increase the use of Bitcoin in the presence of such commissions. This fact is the cause of great dissonance between the fundamental capabilities of the system and the desires of users.

Nakamotojedi Team Opinion

We believe in the Lightning Network great future. This technology is still in beta testing, but it has already proven its effectiveness, especially according to small payments. Also good prospects for SegWit, Schnorr and other technologies.

9 months ago

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