Colombia's New Leader Has Enormous plans for Blockchain

The Head of State stated the main focal point of his administration will be coordinated towards matters identifying with computerized society, with blockchain connected to the arrangement being used to boost honesty in government spending.


One particular approach he intends to execute is a taxation exception for the ICT businesses for their initial five years if they hire sufficient workers, something that could support new blockchain-related new businesses. The administration has additionally made plans with the INNOVA blockchain investigation team to discover approaches to secure residents using the innovation.

The new president has had a career in information communication advancements and commerce instead of political affairs, which some citizens view as a useful characteristic while others have faulted his absence of experience. He has worked at the Inter-American Development Bank, the biggest contributor of financial technology in the greater region of America.

In the footsteps of the region

Mid this year, Representative Antonio Navarro Wolff of the Green Union said that blockchain innovation could transform the livelihoods of the residents of Colombia. He emphasized on blockchain applications in organizations, assurance of rights, elections authenticity and openness in government administration processes, to give some examples.

Representative Wolff proceeded to clarify the essentials of cryptographic money exchanges to the Senate panel, and how blockchain empowers the exchanges to elective wallets. He commended the simplicity and almost no charges are characteristics that can be accomplished with blockchain contrasted with universal bank exchanges.

The Senator also mentioned the absence of control in the country was a big problem; with no far reaching regulations, there are no approaches to restrict unlawful exercises related to blockchain innovation, for example, tax avoidance or offer of illicit merchandise.

2 years ago

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