CoinSmart Launches With Aim of Easier Cryptocurrency Accessibility

CoinSmart has launched its platform on the 18th of July, deploying a new cryptocurrency exchange with an aim of introducing a user-friendly, accessible and beneficial platform for all Canadian investors no matter their experience.


CoinSmart’s online homepage explains that its new exchange is designed to provide a much easier time for any investor with its simple user-interface, beneficial additions like education on crypto and around the clock customer support. The platform also contains a tool for tax reports to aid in applying taxes to the correct crypto-fiat or fiat-crypto trades.

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to be baffled over regulations and laws regarding digital asset taxes, CoinSmart offers easier tax compliance as official authorities all over are continuously attempting to stop crypto-tax evasions.

Unnecessary Pairing

CoinSmart provides another advantageous service and permits any digital currency to be directly traded with the Canadian Dollar which eliminates the need to pair Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other digital coin with the native fiat currency. Many major and altcoins are available and listed on CoinSmart’s platform, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, LTC, DASH, EOS and many other digital coins as the project continues.

User accounts on the platform can be filled with cash, EMT and EFT procedures. Further development will include other funding methods like gift and credit cards. Justin Hartzman, CoinSmart’s head executive stressed on the importance of user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange platform in Canada and said that as part of the industry, he has seen how local residents and investors are often lacking in service with the current trading exchanges in the country. According to him, exchanges are currently lacking any company-client relationships and continuously using extended and complicated procedures.

CoinSmart built its platform by studying every lacking aspect of existing platforms and focusing on them to provide every necessity a customer requires. The national bank has released a research report prior to the CoinSmart launch announcement, revealing that Canadian interest in Bitcoin, as well as its applications, have massively climbed in just one year.

2 years ago

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