CoinMirror to Launch ICO Investment Platform

As a company based in Berlin, CoinMirror has announced the launch of its new ICO platform in its public secondary phase. The initial coin offerings platform is live on Ethereum’s mainnet as of the 18th of July.


As a new platform designed for investors, CoinMirror aims to introduce several investment opportunities of all kinds for every investor on their system without a maximum or minimum limit of capital. Sebastian Hoffman, the company’s co-founder, spoke about the platform in an interview. He said that CoinMirror was designed to provide a system available to all investors regardless of their available assets. The platform will provide an open environment to pursue further knowledge. 

The company aims to provide a decentralized environment where every participant can be included and eventually create a dedicated community with an active performance. As initial coin offerings continue to dominate any form of company fundraising, a new process is quickly taking over with several benefits, although the disadvantages are just as present. Investors with minimum funding and lower investing capabilities, as well as those attempting to enter the scene with no proper knowledge are struggling. The company’s new platform is dedicated to changing how everyone operates in one community.

CoinMirror functions on Ethereum’s network. The platform allows any user to study leading investors and imitate their experienced investments and more, essentially a “mirror” platform in a more simple and user-friendly manner. Public and private leading industrial figures will invest in initial coin offerings of their choosing and a user following the investing company financially will have their funds invested in the same way. Every major public company is available to all users although private ones will require an exact web address for access

Everyone Wins

The company is convinced that every party is a winner. Retail investors and major ones, Syndicates, will both benefit from the new platform. Retail investors can bypass incredibly tasking DD protocols and opportunities to deals and partnerships with affordable limits. Syndicate heads will then be granted their own path to better settlements and transactions as well as increased funds.

Qualifying for a position as a Syndicate will not be an easy procedure. Any participant is welcome to open their own Syndicates, although public ones must pass KnowYourCustomer and Anti-money laundering authorization. A ranking ladder will be available in the future, although as of now the platform seems to be operating as planned despite a few key services.

2 years ago

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